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Thanks to a tumble station or knocker unit at the feed hopper for easy feeding or at the drive station for easy discharge, accumulation or bridge formation is no problem at all. Because after all, the BULKup is a true Schrage conveyor!

Tumble station

Several “boxers” provide e.g. for better discharge of big bags in the case of bulk materials with poor flow properties (product discharge aid); suitable for bulk materials with a tendency to form bridges or congestion in the feed area.

Knocker unit for feed hopper

A knocker at the outside wall of the feed hopper prevents bridges from forming while the bulk material is being fed. It easily gets floury bulk materials, heavily compacting powders or very fine dust back into motion.

Knocker unit for drive station

A knocker unit in the drive station helps to separate products from the conveyor chain. The knocker causes a slide to vibrate, which moves over the conveyor discs above the conveyor chain, thereby separating the bulk material from the chain.