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Now we can admit it: Because YOU gave us the idea! We kept receiving requests with similar requirements: How can I quickly load my product from a big bag onto a truck? Does it also work with regular bags? And, if possible, wherever needed?

And since bags, big bags and trucks usually have consistent dimensions, we have developed a mobile conveyor system that meets all the requirements: The BULKup. It can even be produced in series production and you will also benefit from it: High quality and better prices.

Of course, each conveyor system has its very own advantages (and thus justification). For example, the screw conveyor that is often used for handling bulk material. 

The advantage of the BULKup: As a true tube chain conveyor, it even transports free flowing material up at an angle and is also capable of handling other challenging products. There is no demixing or destruction of the product, product changes are very simple and can be implemented without any major (cleaning) efforts and the conveyor is sturdy. And all of that combined – well, not many conveyor systems can do that!

The standard sizes are the BULKup BU135 and BULKup BU200, depending on tube diameter and capacity. Do you need a different size? Just ask us; we are always there for you!

The BULKup BU135 can carry out up to 25 m³/h and the BULKup BU200 up to 60 m³/h.

Sure! You are more than welcome to visit us and see the BULKup in our test facility in Friedeburg. If possible, bring a sample of your bulk material. Or you test it at your very own facility – just let us know what’s best for you!

Since we are currently producing the BULKup individually in our very own production hall in Friedeburg, the delivery time is approx. 10-16 weeks. However, our goal is to produce higher numbers and thereby reduce the delivery time to no more than a week. We are working on it!

The BULKup is amazingly versatile: It is suitable for all free flowing, fluidising and pourable bulk materials. And, of course, also for all challenging products, such as compacting powder or dust. And difficult bulk materials, e.g. abrasive, toxic or chemically aggressive products, are not a problem either, just like products with high hygienic requirements. 

You will find the BULKup, wherever such products are being used. Or wherever powerful and flexible bulk material handling is needed. And that is the case in many industries: From the food to the chemical industry or logistics, in general.

The BULKup is a true quality product Made in Germany: The BULKup is produced right here at the Schrage Conveying Systems headquarters in Friedeburg. Come on over and take a look!

The modular BULKup system makes it possible: Individual configuration – add on whatever you need! Even the “standard” version (available in two sizes) is quite powerful thanks to a drive station with chain tensioning unit, chain movement control and conveyor chain, bag loading station and simple loading fixtures.

Feed hopper, traverses for cranes and forklifts, bag cutting knifes for big bags and tumble station or knocker units for perfect feed and discharge provide for more comfort. And, if necessary, rotary valves or gate valves will control the bulk material flow.

The BULKup “premium” features 100% dust tightness thanks to pneumatically inflatable seals and is also available in stainless steel.

Sure! There is a reason why Schrage Conveying Systems is known as the “Problem Solver” of the bulk handling industry! We have already developed so many individual and mobile solutions – you will be in good hands with your own individual conveying requests. Try us: Get in touch with our conveyor experts and schedule a meeting – at your place or in our very own test facility here in Friedeburg. For sure, we will also find the right solution to your problem!

The BULKup is amazingly manoeuvrable: It is 2.73 m wide, 8.66 m long when folded in and 6.36 m high when erected. The setup on site takes no more than 2 minutes.

With the suitable transportation device it is easy to manoeuvre and quickly wherever you need it. And for larger distances, it can easily be loaded onto a truck or into a 40’ container.

“Bulk” is just short for “bulk material” or “bulk solids”. And since these products are easily and quickly transported upwards with our newest mobile conveyor system (into trucks, containers or wagons), we simply added the “up”: BULKup!