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DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (Reg.-Nr. Q1 0103040)

Thanks to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 we can demonstrate our understanding of quality each and every day. We believe in customer satisfaction: Check out our quality management handbook to see what we do on a daily basis to be even better for you.


The CE marking of our BULKup shows you that our conveyor technology conforms to the requirements of the European Union. Thanks to the CE marking, you can be assured that the BULKup as an individual system complies with all the applicable community provisions and has completed all the mandatory conformity assessment procedures, from risk assessment and hazard analysis to the verification of compliance with standards.

Connections to Universities and Associations

We keep learning and never stop: This is why we are working in close cooperation with universities, colleges and associations in our industry. That way, we can expand our know-how around bulk material handling. And also for the BULKup we put a lot of effort into continuous research and optimisation – for a high-quality product and happy customers.

Welding certificate as per DIN EN ISO 3834-3
(Reg. no. W3 0103040)

We fulfil all the quality requirements as per the standards series DIN EN ISO 3834 for the production of fusion welded components and structures – for individual production as well as assembly and repair.

Rostechnadzor Permit

This certificate refers to systems or equipment used in production sites in Russia with special risk potential. The RTN permit is issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision ROSTECHNADZOR Russia (formerly GGTN – GOSGORTECHNADZOR). It is proof that our BULKup is not subject to this regulation and, therefore, does not require this certification.

EAC Certificate

The EAC certificate verifies: Our tube chain conveyors comply with the technical rules and standards, verified by an accredited centre within the customs union. It is proof that our BULKup fulfils the minimum requirements and does not require certification as per TR-ZU. It is valid in Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Hygiene Certificate

The hygiene certificate is only valid in Russia and required there. It verifies that our BULKup and all our technical standards we apply for our production comply with the relevant Russian hygiene standards.